Serving the People of Wootton, Northamptonshire

Week One -

What a week its been! Building work started on our new Library and Coffee Shop extension this week, with the arrival of diggers and trucks first thing Monday morning. I'm sure you can see from the pictures that they wasted no time getting started.

Work has started internally with the removal of the toilets, making way for a redesign and more modern facilities being installed. The Main Hall storage cupboards are now a corridor which will eventually link the current centre to the new building. The Bar is even getting a little makeover too!

We look forward to sharing the progress with you over the weeks and months ahead.

Keep an eye on our website and Social Media for regular updates.

Week 2 -

The weather hasn't been the kindest to us this week and it's becoming clear that thermals and ear defenders will be part of our winter attire!

Our Male/Female toilets have been completely removed including the dividing wall to make way for the new layout. The access to the new Disabled toilets is being knocked through as we speak and I have included some before and after pictures to show the progress.

We are starting to see the rough outline of the new building from the trenches that have been dug around the front of the building, ready for the steel structure to be installed.

We have also installed a time-lapse camera to capture the progress of the building work which we will share with you throughout the journey.

I have included the extension plans below plus this weeks highlights.

We have some very exciting news to share with you all next week so keep an eye on our Social Media pages.

Week 3 -

Three Weeks have flown by!!

The builders are really making progress transforming the internal layout of the centre...walls are disappearing every time we come in to the centre.

Concrete was delivered last Friday for the footings which provided some entertainment for our littlest onlookers! The protective screen has been assembled in the main hall to offer some protection for when the external wall is removed. The new soak away has also been installed within the perimeter fencing.

The Clerk has already received a lot of interest in the new Coffee Shop and we know that it will be a real asset to the Parish.

Lastly, our BIG news... We are delighted to announce that Wootton Parish Council have been awarded the NCALC Council of the Year award for 2020. We are absolutely delighted to have won such a prestigious award especially in such a difficult year. The full commendation is on our Wootton Parish Council Facebook page.

Last updated: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 12:47