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Sohrab Ghavami

Sohrab Ghavami

97 Battalion Drive
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My name is Sohrab Ghavami and have had the honour and pleasure of being a Wootton Parish councillor for the past two years and a resident of Simpson Manor for the last sixteen years. My two sons attended Wootton Primary and then CCS and my wife has run the local breakfast club providing a valuable service to local parents. My main reason for becoming a councillor has been to give something back to my local community. Since joining WPC I have been part of our library volunteer team and I am glad to have been part of the team overseeing the transition from a Borough run library to an independent one. I am looking forward to the opening of our brand new library, providing a service to all our residents of all ages. I am also part of our litter picking volunteer team making sure that our streets are kept clean and tidy. During this current pandemic I have joined the first responder groups for the NHS, RVS (Royal Voluntary Service) and St John ambulance; volunteering in vaccination centres in Northampton as well as helping out with food banks and the delivery of prescriptions to Wootton residents. I also help out with my Neighbourhood Watch in Simpson Manor whenever I am asked. I take great personal pride in offering my services to the Wootton community and I consider it a privilege and would appreciate your support in next week WPC elections. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Stay safe. Cllr. Sohrab Ghavami

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