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Centre Activities

Wootton Community Centre has always had regular weekly activity sessions taking place leading up to the 23rd March 2020 when England went into hibernation during the government lockdown restrictions. In May 2021 we contacted our customers who hired our facilities prior to the 23rd March 2020 to confirm reinstatement of their regular day and times for their regular weekly sessions. We are still in negotiation with past and new customers and will be updating our 'Regular Users Information Leaflet' which will confirm the type of activity, day and time. We will also be promoting the opening up of these sessions within the June 2021 edition of Wootton Mag.

Based on government guidelines the Community Centre remains closed to the general public (updated 19 05 2021)

Additional activities within Northamptonshire are also listed below, examples include maps and recommended 'Walks in Northamptonshire'.

We will endeavour to publicise local events and would be pleased to be contacted with details.

We cannot however, accept responsibility for the validity of information provided or any external weblinks.

Activities in Northamptonshire

Last updated: Fri, 28 May 2021 13:59