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Please help us to protect our countryside and community by responding to the Manor Oak Homes Planning Application for 900 new homes between Grange Park and Quinton, which will significantly impact the community of Wootton.

Comments to be made before 29th September 2023

Land to the south and east of Grange Park, and west of Quinton, outlined below in red, is the proposed site for 900 homes and other development which sits just south of Wootton and has been submitted by Manor Oak Homes, acting on behalf of the Wake Estate.

This latest development application will have a detrimental impact on our local area including:

Increase in traffic into and through Wootton. Wootton Road, connecting to Wooldale Road, will be one of only 2 exits from the development. We already experience significant traffic volumes from local commercial and residential developments and suffer from noise and air pollution. This development will only add to an existing issue causing congestion and ill health.

Impact on local infrastructure and services. Our local schools are already over-subscribed, and our local medical services are not able to meet the current needs of our residents.

Impact on health and wellbeing. The stretch of the A45 that passes between Wootton and East Hunsbury is already a designed Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) so we have known congestion and pollution issues locally. This development will compound these issues and have a negative effect on the wellbeing of our residents.

Destruction and depletion of our natural environment. Manor Oak Homes will build on precious open greenfield. We are in a climate and nature emergency and need to protect our natural environment to preserve essential habitat for wildlife, sequester carbon and reduce flood risk. The development also plans to widen Wootton Road and the lane that joins Quinton with the A508 which will devastate the established hedgerows and mature trees.

Compounded impact. The Manor Oak Homes development is just one in a pipeline of many (Landimore Park in Hardingstone – 1000 homes, Homes England Great Houghton – 800 homes, Gallagher Homes behind CCS –1500 homes). Wootton will potentially be hemmed in by an additional 4200 homes, more than doubling the size of our existing community and engulfing our neighbourhood.

Please use your voice to raise your concerns and objections on this development by following these 2 simple steps:

1 – Decide what you'd like to say. Please feel free to copy the text above or choose our own words.

2 – Submit your comments and objections via any of these methods:

• Visit the Online West Northamptonshire Planning Portal Planning application: 2023/5978/EIA - Planning register | Planning register | West Northamptonshire Council ( and click on the 'Comment on this Application' box in the top left hand corner.

• Email: or and include Manor Oak Homes Planning Application (Grange Park) 2023/5978/EIA in your email subject heading.

• Post your comments to: Development Management, West Northamptonshire Council, The Guildhall, St Giles Street, Northampton, NN1 1DE.

Please take 5 minutes to send in your comments. It really will help to change the outcome of this decision and the future for our local communities. Thank you!

Access to all documentation relating to this planning application can be found on the West Northamptonshire Planning Poral here: Planning application: 2023/5978/EIA - Planning register | Planning register | West Northamptonshire Council (

If you would like to speak to one of the Wootton Parish Councillors about this application or need any support accessing the online information, then please email